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Art Exhibits

Visit the lower level of Central Library to view the talents of local artists.

Art Gallery: January

Art Gallery Exhibit - January

Starry Nightscapes and Other Nefarious Nebulas

Paintings by Heather Van Doorn

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 4 at 1 pm

"The skies are painted with unnumber'd sparks, they are all fire and every one doth shine."
- William Shakespeare, Julius Cæsar

Oil Painting: Heather's current area of painterly exploration is inspired by the images of Hubble and Spitzer telescopes. In studying and reviewing the scientific images, the layers of complexity are revealed through the discipline of seeing and painting. Heather has attempted to capture the beautiful strangeness of these of galactic objects by translating them into her own painterly style of space-impression. Many of the actual photographs seem abstract in their ethereal nature and many of the paintings attempt to reflect this abstract quality.

Other Acrylic and Encaustic Work: Included in the show are earlier works which are eclectic in subject and style. They feature a range of acrylic, oil and encaustic mediums. These works were influenced by master painters such as Chirico, Van Gogh, Lawren Harris and Modigliani mainly for their use of strong colour contrasts and bold lines in design.

Heather currently resides in Waterloo, Ontario. In continuing her art explorations, she is connected to friends, family the local Kitchener-Waterloo Artist community and to the greater cosmos.



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