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Digital Living Page Banner May 2021 - Embracing the Wild Side

Embracing the Wild Side

Seize the warmth and the beauty of spring; and embrace the wild side. There are so many positive facets of experiencing the great outdoors (and we could all use a little more positivity). According to a 2019 study, spending 20-30 minutes outside can significantly reduce stress levels. A lack of time in nature has also been linked to poor health and researchers are now looking into “Nature-deficit disorder". Increases of myopia, obesity, attention disorders and several other illnesses are caused by increased time indoors. But don’t take our word for it! Learn why nature makes us happier, healthier and more creative

In May, we’re exploring online resources to show you how to get Wild At Home, in the Community and at Large. We’ll share how to get started gardening or exploring your backyard, to forage, to bird and even share camping tips. Did you know Ontario Parks is providing seasonal day use passes  to libraries? Libraries in the Region of Waterloo will also have Grand River Conservation Authority Passes. Visit your favourite park without paying a thing!  

 There is great joy to be experienced in nature, wherever you find it. Take a walk on the wild side! 

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Shake off those winter blues and dance right on in to spring. Enjoy some cool mellow-tone classics around a campfire or let loose with some upbeat tunes that will help you embrace your wild side.