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Where are you going?
The ION helps me get to client meetings in Downtown Kitchener, Uptown Waterloo and the R+T Park without needing to worry about parking or traffic. Even better, I can get a chapter or two read on the way.

Why do you like using public transit?
When you drive, you're in a box and don't get to interact with people. Public transit, walking and cycling give you so many more opportunities for those serendipitous meetings that make life better.

Tell us what you’re reading/listening to/watching/learning that moves you.
When it comes to books, I don’t have a favourite genre. I love non-fiction that makes me think about the world differently. One of my favourite authors is Chuck Klosterman. I’m re-reading his book But What if We’re Wrong right now. In this book, Klosterman asks us to imagine we’re in the future and answer questions about the present. For example, 100 years from now, what one artist will represent rock and roll? I also love great fiction that takes you to new worlds - like the Expanse series by James S.A. Corey.

What’s your top transit tip?
Other than always bring a book? I use the free app Transit to help plan my trips. You can get it for iPhone and Android.

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