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Where are you going?
I will be using the ION daily to commute from my home and my place of work. I will also use the ION to teach youth about places throughout our community that they can benefit from like the public library, community centres, schools, etc.

Why do you like using public transit?
With my role, I believe that it is essential for newcomers to learn how to use the transit system as it benefits those who cannot use other means of transportation. Public transit is also helpful for those that want to learn more about navigating their new community.

Tell us what you’re reading/listening to/watching/learning that moves you.
I’m currently reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book has motivated me in many ways by empowering me to live a life cherishing different morals which allow me to express creativity. This creativity has left a positive impact on many of the youth groups I work with, motivating them to express themselves and their creativity as well.

What’s your top transit tip?
My greatest advice for any type of transit user would be to be early and prepared for their trip. The buses and trains aren’t always accurate and arriving about 5 minutes early will assure your journey.

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