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Where are you going?
I’ll be riding ION rail to attend Waterloo events, visit friends and go shopping at Conestoga Mall more quickly, coming all the way from Doon South Kitchener.

Why do you like using public transit?
The public transit system has given me freedom to travel at an affordable price especially since I don’t have a car or a licence. Coming from a small town of 11,000 that had no public transportation, I really appreciate what Grand River Transit, GoBus and GreyHound have to offer.

Tell us what you’re reading/listening to/watching/learning that moves you.
I love reading books on business, marketing, entrepreneurship, psychology, sociology, and Islam.

What’s your top transit user tip?
Always come to the bus stop 10 minutes early, bring a book, a snack and a reusable water bottle.

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