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Where are you going?

Steve: I'll be using the Ion to get around town; to the Kitchener Market, to Uptown Waterloo, or for a quick trip to the mall.

Cain: I'll be using the ION to go to and from Waterloo from my house in Kitchener.

Why do you like using public transit?

Steve: Public transit makes the city more accessible for more people. It allows me to get around quickly and safely, and provides a more convenient option than driving.

Cain: I like using public transit because it has a much smaller environmental impact than if everyone was driving. I'm excited to be able to travel through K-W without having to rely on my car as much.

Tell us what you're reading / listening to / watching / learning that moves you.

Steve: I'm reading Palaces for the People by Eric Klinenberg. It's all about how important social infrastructure is in our urban environment.  

Cain: I love reading any type of fantasy and science fiction. Right now I'm reading Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson, and I would recommend this series to absolutely anyone.

What's your top transit user tip?

Steve: I really like using my time on transit as space to relax and unwind a bit. Read a book, listen to music, or just day dream while looking out the window. 

Cain: Patience is a virtue! Sometimes it will be busier than you are expecting, sometimes things go wrong. It's easier to just take it in stride rather than getting worked up about it.

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