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Where are you going?
I am going to see if the ION is safe and accessible for me as a person with a disability to access and explore more of the city I live in. Once I know that, I will know more about how I will use the ION.

Why do you like using public transit?
It allows me to access more of the community I live in when I am able to access it. I like when people using public transit are decent and kind and allow me to get on the busses when I try. Sometimes public transit is not equally accessible for all members of the public, including me.

Tell us what you’re reading/listening to/watching/learning that moves you.
Right now, I am reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman. It is one of my favourite books because it is a story about the importance of stories, about love, about the importance of friends, and about tenacity. It has some really funny parts as well. I love the movie too, and have most of it memorized. The things I am watching right now are Speechless, House, and Gilligan’s Island. I always watch movies with the captions on, so I get to read and watch at the same time. Our TV does not get channels right now, so I have to be creative.

What’s your top transit tip?
My top transit user tip is if you are on transit, be kind and decent to others. Lots of times, I cannot get on a bus because people who have other options as to where to sit will not move out of the access spot, even if it is the only spot on a bus or train where I can sit. That makes it hard for me and others with disabilities like mine to be able to fully and safely take part in our community lives. I have to be kind and decent too. It makes everything better.

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